As a student, I found that when I could personalize and reflect upon the material in courses, I was more likely to be engaged, interested, and recall the information learned. I strive to help students make their own personal connections to class content. ​​​​​​​​

In addition, I try to "Let the data tell the story." I find that this is the most successful way of presenting provocative and challenging information. Students themselves have the answers, they just need someone to help draw it out of them.
My principal areas of teaching include race, prejudice, psychology of women and gender, social psychology, and research methods. ​
 Courses I Teach:
Psychology of Race and Racism
Psychology of Women
Statistics for Psychology
Research Methods
Social Psychology
Experimental Social Psychology
Undergraduate Courses

   Psychology of Women and Gender
   Literature Review and Methods
   Psychology of Race, Prejudice & Stereotyping
   Seminar in Social Psychology

Graduate Courses